One Mo'gin Lyrics


D’Angelo - One Mo'gin Lyrics

I know some things have changed since the last I've seen U
Some's good, some for the bad
All and all I can't complain that's what I've been through, baby
But seeing U reminds me of the precious times we had
I wondered all this time 'bout how U been
And I hoped by chance I'd see U once again
I'd love 2 kiss your lips baby once again
I, long 2 hold U tight girl, one mo'gin

I know U got someone, I got somebody 2
But I'm unhappy and I miss the shit we used 2 do
I miss your smile, your mouth, your laughter, baby
I never bumped into your kind before or after
(And I wonder)

I know U goota be getting back 2 your own thing
Baby U got yours - I got mine
I hope U know that U could call me girl when things change
If U want 2 we could catch up on some lost time

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