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Swollen Members

Swollen Members - Switchblade Lyrics

Dropped in sector four
Non-conformist intimidates, Eliminating all heads of state
The punishment is banishment
Tarnishing and vanishing
I'm runnin' shit
Titanic panicking, Manic depressant
Addicted to adolescence, At the end of the crescent
Dragon's eyes glow fluorescent
Second-guess and rest in peace
Get laced in radioactive waste that's released
Feast fit for a king
Then bring two servants
Words swervin' and curvin'
You'll get what you deservin', It's urgent
Mad Child slice precise like a surgeon
Emergency exit's where you're headin'
Ha, forget it

I'm your host to the roller coaster
Stick to your guns and cling to your holster

As MC's slowly slip into sleep
Without bailin' with their hands up
Their homeboys act like Casey and Finnegan
Now this tends to send trends of frenzy, In to forensics
And then medics get hit
Lips spread like books of Dianetics
I'm a credit to my field of study
I, I kneel to nobody
You'll be as lucky as Lucy-Ann
If you get a word in edgewise
When it comes to being word wise, I've got an edge
And a worldwide urge
To rock on more wax than Verve
I'm in a class of my own
And still throw the great curve
The great curves of a poet
Is to run short on ideas
Works twice like two-way mirrors
My advice might slice like shears

I'm your host to the roller coaster
Stick to your guns and cling to your holster

The penalty is execution, Suffer consequences
Intense as a prison riot, Barbed wire fences
Tenses, your Excellency senses
Assassins in the entrance, Disguised as my apprentice
Nonequivalent sibilance in every sentence
Send a message up by horse
Back to the castle, through the forests
Over the hill with no hassle
Scrolls scripted in gold, Ancient enlightenment
Wizardry and wisdom, Expressive excitement
Handsome and lonesome, The brand new heaviest
Lunacy in unison
Magnificent specimen

The pinpointed path, Through the pit and the pendulum
Hypnotic gases still whirl
On the last curl of the wind mast, And narrows in
With Apollo and Ottomans, To cause pestilence
And rid the prominence, Of so called dominance
He and I the most decadent
With a promise of providence
I'm adamant about your iris
Seeing the style I use, When it's evident
I compile a charge, Like an alkaline pile
The concubines of pantomimes
More war chants and streamlined design
In the line, ligaments
With imagined figments
The tragic and epidemic rise
Of zero point five micro-pigment
Can you dig it?

I'm your host to the roller coaster
Stick to your guns and cling to your holster

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