Bipolar Lyrics

Charlene Soraia

Charlene Soraia - Bipolar Lyrics

I'm bipolar, nobody knows it, but me,
I make bad decisions and everyone sees them, but me,
I think I'll have a baby with the man who beats me,
who abuses and confuses me and also threatens to kill me,
but I think I'll keep the baby, though everyone says, I'm not right in the head,
though that's not heard from heart.
Everyone is criticising, picking fights with me,

but the love of a child will heal my broken heart,
but babies don't need daddies, fathers can be forgotten,
so I think I'll keep the baby, though everyones says, I'm not right in the head,
though it's not heard from my heart.

nobody knows it, nobody knows,

I think I'll keep the baby,

I think I'll keep the baby.

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