Stay Bout It Lyrics

Obie Trice And Stat Quo

Obie Trice And Stat Quo - Stay Bout It Lyrics

Obie Trice]
Obie Trice, nigga! Stat Quo! Welcome to Shady my nigga!
Congratulations, another nigga out the hood!
I'll vouch for ya, lets go, nigga!

+ (Obie Trice)
This is for my bitches and my dogs
gettin' cheddar fuck the law
Stay on ya feet and never crawl
(This is for my niggaz and my hoes)
(keep ya head up fuck ya foes)
(get ya bread up to ya nose)
(Over Corwd It)

My name is O and to the B-I-E
Trife life, entety
envy me, injuries
niggaz who pretend to be
gangs-tah, nigga you's a fake-ah
gettin' money maj-ah, nigga you can hate if it's ya nate-ch-ah (nature)
never stop gettin' paper though
all that 'cho, just waitin' on a ho
gotta raise cocoa, put her in grade-A schools where asians go
amazing, two years retro, and in a vacant home where the aafes sold
now a nigga's on the road, sellin' out major shows, hate me hos
never would have fathomed that
big lipped nigga from school Craft
have access to the masses
now they sweatin' them backstage passes
try to give a nigga ass, cause I roll with a gangsa style
where was you at when I was on the ave, tryin' to get cash up/ (BIATCH!)

[Olivia Singing

with the awkward flow from the AT, do
wrist 'fo too cold, he swole, he roll, fo' sho' he gettin' plenty hos
ridin' fled, by my grip
GMM, that's my clique
fresh fit, new kicks
i'm the shit, might see me wit
yo bitch, on the strip
super slick, hate on me eat a dick
born to get plenty chips
is he rich, damn right, every day
every night, motherfuckers can't see me, bibi
I made this look so easy
signed with E & D the recipe, how can you not love it
tipsy off that hennesy, and other types of bubbly

[Olivia Singing

Obie keep a couple hoes, tokin' on that okie-do
dick up in they ass so them hoes know they gotta smoke
they know O, ain't for jokes, thats fo' sho
so they try to hold on, as long as possible like a rodeo
I mean that that dick do so much damage
that Obie's not that average, so you gotta pardon me, i'm so savage
gotta lot of bitches wantin' marrage
what bitch who? horse in a carrage
no bitch thats not obie's status
gotta know my apparatus
pimp, no food stamps, no pampers, no lips
strictly prophalactics inside these oversized mag-anums
when i'm dickin' down these actresses then
cut'em like John Singleton, in a matress askin' him when they seein' him again

[Olivia Singing

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