Mephistopheles (Live) Lyrics


Deicide - Mephistopheles (Live) Lyrics

Invective death, from the hand
To write the book of evil
Terminus of the overture
Recite the role of power

Schizophrenic reflex, vesicate, mutilate
Refuse the force on which you die
Myrmidon of Goethe
Abortion of angels that flee for their lives
Animated onslaught, expectorated discharge
Elegy of evil, visions of light for thou has forgotten

Adulation scripture, dominate, terminate
Fascist author of Gods
Drubbing of his light fears
Bring forth the atheist, sent to inseminate
Aggravated blasphmere, insurrected one to tell
Power through defile
Mephisto is coming to claim me for hell

Take me Mephistopheles
Insurrect the shield of Satan
Grant me immortality
To rise

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Deicide - Mephistopheles (Live)