Baltimore's Fireflies Lyrics


Woodkid - Baltimore's Fireflies Lyrics

What are the words that I'm supposed to say?
Your white skin, swirling fireflies.
Darkness has surrounded Baltimore bay.
Why don't you open your blue eyes?
Are they things that water can't wash away?
How can your absence leave no trace?
As I let you sink in Baltimore bay.
I drown myself deep in disgrace.

What is the price, am I supposed to pay?
For all the things I try to hide?
What is my fate, am I supposed to pray?
That trouble's gone with the sunlight?

A warm sun rises and ignites the bay.
I come back home and start to cry
I'll never come back to Baltimore bay.
Try to forget the fireflies.
What are the words that I'm supposed to say?
If someone knew about this lie?
If your body rises to the surface?
Through the silence of fireflies

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