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Tweet - I’M Done Lyrics

I'm done... loving
Ooh done... yeah, loving

I'm in no need for love
Stretched this sister more than a mile
It's not for me because
There's no trust in love, so I'm restin' a while
How could u do me this way, love?
I can't recall how you made me smile
And I don't have time to play (with ya)
If I see ya, make it worth my while
Until then...

I'm done... loving
(I'm done) Ooh done, yeah... loving

No need for love
Unless it's Mr., oh, Mr. Right (Mr. Right)
And only because
Mixin' lust with love only mean a fight
cause there'll be dues to pay (pay, yeah)
And most of all many sleepless nights
But that won't be today, no

Guess I'll see ya, looove, it's been nice
Until then...

I'm done... loving
(I'm done, yeah) Ooh done, yeah...(Loving, yeah) loving

Hit the road
You can't live here no more
Hit the road... Go
Hit the road
You can't live here no more
Hit the roooad... Ooh

I'm done, yeah... Go
If you're lookin' for me I'm done-done-done-done (done, done)
How could you do this to me, love? I'm done (done, done)
Just a vacancy, I'm done (I'm done done)
Done, I'm done, so done... I'm done (done, done)
Such a vacancy (done)...(Done, done)
Love don't live here anymore, done
So done, so done
So done, so done, so done

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