All Deliberate Speed Lyrics


Mae - All Deliberate Speed Lyrics

You said you made us in the middle of the afternoon
while we said we're frusterated.
But you tried to take us.
Go on, get ready, cause it's coming soon you said.
Well no thanks, we'll make it.

So it brings us back to this.
Something's got to give.
So are you listening
Or are you coming around again

All deliberate speed- Lately you've been comtemplating.
Is this real or is this fading What got you here in the first place
Everyone around us screams It's got to be and it's got to hit you.
Well, you and me, well we can change the world.

We could drive and we could take our stuff on out of here.
We'll leave with the sunrise.
This place and this city it's good for nothing but feeling down.
Let's say we'll break it.

Losing sleep for days.
Is this just a phase
Are there other ways
The one who sings is the one who pays.

Sound off we're going to LA.
You wanted to be the one who makes it happen so...
Sound off we're going to LA.
If it's going to be then we've got to give.
But it's got to be enough for me.

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