Love Hurts Lyrics


LSG - Love Hurts Lyrics

1 - Lovin' hurts baby sometimes
Don't you agree
I promise to love you for life
Girl you will see

Dry your eyes baby
There's no need to cry, no, no, no
He broke your heart baby
So won't you give my love a try, baby

Girl, why don't you dry your eyes
There is no more need to cry
I won't hurt you like he did
I got so much love to give
What you need is a man like me
Who can give you all you need
You don't have to be sad no more
Love is knockin' at your door

Repeat 1

He left you lonely
Left you drowning in tears
Yes he did baby
Now when it comes to love, babe
You have nothing but fears
You don't have to be afraid baby, no

I know love has done you wrong
But girl, you must be strong
Girl, just put your trust in me
I'll show you how love should be
I won't do you like he did
I got so much love to give
Girl, would you hold me tight
I'll love you with all my might

Repeat 1 until fade

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