Death Of An Anarchist Lyrics


Cathedral - Death Of An Anarchist Lyrics

I wear a mask, oh yes I do, it may seem harsh but it hides the truth
See I am pained by what I see in this life this reality
The word love people say with shame but in this heart there's a burning flame
I take a look at society, a misfit, I guess that's me

Can't take this blind hatred
From myself escaping
Awake again I face the truth
Sober now with all the proof

We're burned in reality,
Dying to live but cannot feel
Emptiness of this world is real
All trust in mankind envy steals

Win or lose, in death I choose to live this life by my own rules
They steal faith in your fellow man, led to believe he has a plan
Subservant in invisible chains we live our lives as the system slaves
I only wish that you could see there is no God just you and me

I got out there to get here
My way of thinking is just too cleat
I'll live again with my disguise
Camouflaged in life of lies

A mirrored wall in front of me
I'm a vampire cos I can't see
The jester that guides my destiny
Is the same one I refuse to be

Why can't I see, I am not me?
When will you see, you can be free?

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