Hey You Lyrics

Pigeon John

Pigeon John - Hey You Lyrics

You look at me
I look at you
From your green eyes
To your dirty shoes

I wanna know ya
What's in your head
You're just dancing over there
Like way out of here

You looking good
You know you do
Your whole crew
Got that old attitude

But it's okay, baby
You deserve it.
You're some Molly Greenwald
You can work it out!

Hey you!
I really wanna know ya
Hey you!
I really wanna know ya

My name is John
I'm a bad man
From my crooked hat
All the way to my band

Let me talk to you
Whisper in your ear
Tell you little secrets
If you ain't spoken yet

You're moving like a Tornado in Kansas
You're killing this place I can't have the lead.

Let me take you out
Paint the town red
If i can't have you, baby
I will end up dead


Just shake your little head like a little baby girl (x4)


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