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Dark Fortress

Dark Fortress - Osiris Lyrics

From the shadows
From the pit
From the chasm
I call to thee

Exiled from Eden
Left for dead
A spurred phantasm
In barren reverie

Drowned in lies
Betrayed by blood
In scorned baptized

I am one with you
In vengeance and despair
Redeem me from this torment
This empty prayer

These hateful blades
Rusting inside of me

For all the rape and anguish
We suffer night by night
This cruel mirage can only languish
For all this plight is but illusion

The veil shall be torn
Lust shall resurrect us
A god shall be born
From beyond me shall bring retribution

I adjure all pain
Commit myself to heresy
Quit waiting for the angels
To come and make amends

I hail all death
Reject all tortured saints philosophy
Every wretched living thing knows this must end

From the shadows
From the pit
From the chasm

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