Big Business Lyrics

Dilated Peoples

Dilated Peoples - Big Business Lyrics

(Rakaa Iriscience)
no questions
I pledge resistance to the grass
that hides the snakes of America
so they watch it, now I walk with caution
more careful put more thought to options
Is the opposite of progress Congress?
From the school to the street we're beyond stress
but I fight for peace, that's what the problem is
war is big biz, ask an economist
speak in volumes callin' anti-war and anti-American synonymous
Back in the day I would've gotten black listed just for speakin' up
Hoover probably would've screamed Communist!
I want black and brown unity
but cats get out to bring the jail to the community
Fightin's nothin' new to me
I even corrected what the public school system tried to do to me
Here's a spark encoded in rhyme and love for everyone of the devoted in line...
We call it art, some call it a crime
it's the rap Michael Moore, like Bowling for Columbine
on drums, Fahrenheit, 9-1-1
Al Queda hit the Apple and the world was stunned
the villain trained by the hero for the killing
now you twist $20 bills to see buildings
Under heavy surveillance
they might call you a traitor if you want something greater
Don't get me wrong, America's a great place to live
just listen to the knowledge I give
if more than half the budget goes to military spending
less than half goes to whatever it's defending
One nation, many gods, individuals with liberties
and justice for all who are miserable

(voice in Spanish: escuscha la verdad en la musica)

yeah Babu, Dilated Peoples
Neighborhood Watch, worldwide
Expansion, Iriscience
Evidence, Babu

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