Overthrow Lyrics


Gideon - Overthrow Lyrics

I can only hope that one day
Everyone will see you for what you really are
So quick to judge everyone's actions
But so quick to forget your own
When you know nothing of my situation
Who do you make your opinion known
I'll never know what made you this way
Or why you say the things you say
Nothing good comes from it
Nothing good comes from any of it
Before you speak take a step back and think
Is it all worth it to you
Stop spewing your lies

I am no better than you
What happened to the friend I used to know that you outgrew
I am no better than you
Self proclaimed king of this city

And talks would never be like this
I reminisce and think about the times
When you were once my good friend
Now you're a parasite
Only furthering yourself
You will receive your own

No longer will I sit by and watch you
Destroy what took so long to build
This city has been here long before you
And it will be here long after

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