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Da Yoopers

Da Yoopers - Heikki Lunta Lyrics

i remember back in '58 when i was just a lad
i went up to the copper country hunting with my dad
so my old man got his knapsack and he filled it up with beer
he said we gotta take a hike way out in the woods
there's this guy named heikki lunta he's crazy but he's good
we'll let him drink a couple beers and when he starts to glow
he'll do the heikki lunta dance and then just watch it snow
dance, dance, dance heikki lunta dance
make it snow, snow, snow heikki lunta snow
dance, dance, dance heikki lunta dance

2. i remember it was christmas eve 15 years ago
all the kids were crying cause they didn't have no snow
according to the weatherman they didn't have a chance
but the weatherman don't know about the heikki lunta dance
heikki put his snowshoes on and grabbed a can of beer
he put on his giant partridge wings and antlers from a deer
then he grabbed a cedar branch and danced around the yard
everybody said they never seen it snow so hard

3. i recall a tournament out at suicide
all the snow was melting and we couldn't get a ride
one crazy finn came down the hill and landed on the rocks
they sent him back to finland in a homemade cedar box
we looked for heikki lunta but he was nowhere to be found
we couldn't do no jumping with no snow on the ground
it was carl pellonpaa who finally saved the day
we did the heikki lunta dance i think it snowed till may

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