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Joe Bataan

Joe Bataan - My Cloud Lyrics

thank you lord 4 the clouds u made 4 me. i know u ur the cloud thats what i must of seen but ive had a home amung stars to cure all my ills and all of my scares but im tired of living on a cloud alone i need a girl to help through my happy home...

im gonna search and search this whole wide milky way and im sure ill find a girl someday to ride n high on my cloud in the sky to live together until the day that we die but until that day i remain here on earth thinking that a seaching 4 a girl that is worth herrrrrr.

to share my home and all that i own to love n guide me so i wont be alone girl im married will live in my cloud and ill do my best my very best to make her proud ooohhh that she married to carry 4 me then if i doesn't maybe 1 2 or 3 and on my wedding day i gift to my wife neckel full of stars 4 the rest of her life...

thank u lord 4 answering my prayer 4 setting me down someone to share my love my heart your gonna be so proud you.thank you lord thank you lord thank you lord 4 anserwing my prayer...

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