Bring 'Em Out Dead Lyrics


Onyx - Bring 'Em Out Dead Lyrics

The People lyrics
This life is love, This life is god, This life is no regrets
This life is pain, this life is work, this life is blood and sweat
God told me to take blood, sweat and tears
Trying to live that rap life Let me buzz drinkin beers
Strange people start to hate, Success is coming near
It'a shame when we stress, possessed by our fear
See it clear through the man in the mirror
Tryin to make a change for everyone
Not make you feel infurior

Cause I don't know if we can help or not,
But I can smell the shot on the corner even before the shell could drop
Guess you gotta let yo metal pop
While we watchin every felon walk
Cause nobody ever tells the cop, Seldom caught
So they're always sellin rock
Do we Live in a melting pot,
It's like asking if hell is hot,
And yeah, we're compelled to stop
Takin L's and getting Lock
Cause we understand the system, but just can't connect the dots

Other people divided in the pigments of a fragment nation
Im just a voice, A figment of your imagination
It's your choice the difference find your aspiration
Instead of being a fool tricked by Fascination
Go for 2012, Better conversation
Between nations so they can make reparations
Politicians never lived up to my expectations

Feeling gifted cause music is more than recreation
Tryna manage my business between these celebrations

Our invention is intuition and innovation
I saw this vision in my head and now im on the stage
I wrote this wisdom so it could carry on through the ages
Still they used to judge me by my age
It's a shame We aint aware of our saviors
Some stay blind from the womb to the grave
So keep these rhymes in the tomb of the ancients
And no matter what happens Keep the faith
Cause one day we gonna learn to save the planet god
But my kids will learn to fly to outer space
Cause they keep you trapped inside mental cages
so take these bars, Break them down and we'll escape
And if the evils make you start to hate your peoples
Just remember god is love and you'll be saved, Easy

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