Red Clouds Lyrics

Disarmonia Mundi

Disarmonia Mundi - Red Clouds Lyrics

If the shelter comes from
Your home sweet home
Check the switch and if the light is on
The new prophet sings
The death of modern era
A presenter proud of it's mind level-zero
You can think it's a joke or the search
For new audience

Macabre thoughts for a night
Without star fence
Flows out the power
Mind sets you are dead
Through vapours you hear
The right vision comes back

Paralyze your future secret plan
And your idea of wondering of everything
Finalize, close your hands
And try to hold inside
At least a little bit of sand

The final lie
The worst you could believe in
Reset the living
And wait what has to be

Come with me into the highest sky
You're the demon
Who can believe in everything
Call inside you last forces
And live your time, once a life
By your choices

Red clouds covering the sea
Last horizon
It's why I had to live

The discovery of a new dimension
Once disclosed my old wings

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