Macphersons Rant Lyrics

The Corries

The Corries - Macphersons Rant Lyrics

Farewell ye dungeons dark and strong,
Farewell, farewell tae thee,
MacPhersons time will no be lang,
On yonder gallow's tree

It was by a woman's treachorous hands,
That I was condemned to dee,
She stood uben a windae ledge,
and a blanket threw o'er me

Sae rantingly, sae wantonly,
Ans sae dauntingly gaed he,
He played a tune and he danced around
Below the gallow's tree

Oh what is death, but parting breath
On mony a bloody plain
I've daur'd his face, and in his place
I scorn him yet again


I have lived a life, o' straught and strife
I die by treachery
It burns my heart, that I must depart
An no avenged be


So tak these bands fae aff my hands
Gae to me my sword
There's nae a man in a' Scotland
But I'll brave him at a word


Now farewell light thou sunshine bright
And all beneath the sky
May coward shame distain his name
The wretch that dare not die


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