Lover (Live) [Remastered] Lyrics

Michael Stanley Band

Michael Stanley Band - Lover (Live) [Remastered] Lyrics

Well the glow from the bars and a
Thousand stars
Light the cold Ohio night
And the Turnpike's slick, the
Snow's as thick as thieves
Since your call came through there
Ain't nothing new
But the radio and the headlights
And the news at the top of the hour
That no one really believes,
Do they

Lover... what you want to go and do
That for
Lover... why'd you want to tear it
Lover... you say you got your
Reasons, but I need more
Lover... give me back my heart
Give it back, girl

When the cold comes to stay it
Takes your breath away
And it makes the hours crawl
And it feels to me like I've been
Driving forever
Then your words return, the whole
Place burns
And I just don't know where to
Girl could you just make it
Anybody else
Anybody else but him, could you

And somewhere ahead tonight
With fine wine and candlelight
He's gonna turn your head around
Girl what you want me to do
If I leave this thing all up to you
I'm gonna lose the best thing I've
I can see what's going down

So I talk to the night, I head for
The light
Try and hold it on the road
Thank God for the man who put
The white lines
On the highway
Baby what you gonna do when the
Fire is through
And you find he's out looking for
Somebody new
Cause you did everything that he
Wanted you to do
And now you're all alone and
Crying, aren't you...

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