The Grand Design (Edit Version) Lyrics


Edenbridge - The Grand Design (Edit Version) Lyrics

A fallow land, a plan so grand
To bring all to its prime
A silver flame, out of where we came
It´s the silver flame of time

A sylphlike view, an old mirage
A paragon of beauty
A land of leal under skies divine
A constant glare, given to the heir
The brightest grand design

Memories, ever since time began
Holding these, a perennial plan
A kestrel in sky, a ship that is hull down
It´s not just a try, what happens hereby

The wealth of ideas, inspirited worlds
The essence of pacific being
Mesmerize me
The boundless alliance awaits


Vagaries, without a strain for effect
No time to cease, so much left to direct
Who sows the wind, will reap the whirlwind
And mounts the high horse, discovers a gale force

The blueprint to found, a genuine world
It´s all in the lap of the gods
Mesmerize me
The boundless alliance awaits

The brightest grand design

Where we go and our spirits flow
Beyond we´ll come to know

Far too late, we see
Thrown away this beauty
Hear the last bell´s ring
Gaia´s voice is fading


Things may take a turn
Whom it may concern
It´s not mere child´s play
A stony cold stairway
But hope and love will never die

What happened to you?
You took it on the chin, the sky overcast
This day, will it be your last in line
The lingering sound of hope
When all is on the slope
And we find the bird flown
When your sun is set
A stroke of a genius entombed, a current of time?
The sense, no reason, no rhyme at all
Forever and a day
It´s gone to our dismay
Does the grand design fade?

A world seething with rage, is building its own cage
Will we reach too soon, times of a man-made moon
Hope and a strong will to change, is the force to rearrange
Can we move heaven and earth, to ring in a rebirth
When we have our wits about one, and the last doubt is gone
We only follow a line, our life is part of the grand design

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