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Thievery Corporation

Thievery Corporation - Free Lyrics

Manipulating masses
You talk about your assets
Do you know what you say?
Manufacturing passes
And everybody's asking
What we need today

I'll bring you new
And there's no hook
I have no luck
Welcome to new
I'll bring you new
And I'll recruit you
If you want to come with me
Scream out, the top of your lungs
I want to be free

And you sing
There is no hook
We have no luck
And just for once
Suddenly you are blind
And alone with your mind
And you say I am free
Can you say I am free.?

We understand
That it is difficult to
Under the dreams of destruction
Now strongest when you know it's true

I am asking you to go back
Of where you know you do not like
The knowledge that has always been imparted to you
Such high and low and sweet you grow
I promise you that it's not far
Just hiding in the heart of the heart and all
Embracing everything from arms to charms... yeah
I guess that crystals and beneath me
No they're only
Subliminally punched away...
We cannot read the .
Got to work for what
Your giving to this world
Fear transmission ya'll my girls and my boys
Of the place
You are not the puppets or the slaves or the toys
We are working towards the mark

Nothing else makes as much senses as this
So I will continue on my mission with the risk…to be free
Come with me
And our goals are transperant to the see
And our hopes are 'parently contend to me

I'm free
Come with me
I'm free
Come with me
I'm free

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