Catch 22 Lyrics

Billy Squier

Billy Squier - Catch 22 Lyrics

I read you like an autograph... you love the spotlight
You shoot me like a photograph... you get me uptight
You're gunnin' for me every day... go straight for the heart
Say you want me--you push me away... say it tears you apart

You're on the inside... I'm on the outside
Don't matter whose side... you take the other side

I can see you walkin' down the aisle... you're thinkin' long-range
I've seen you work the miracle mile for loose change
You can have it anyway you want... your fancy dinners in the restaurants
Even though they leave you hungry inside, it's a free ride

You show your bad side... it's so undignified
Get off your back-side... you're talkin' suicide

Go and be what you wanna be
Sink your time and your hooks in me
You can hold me down--take me 'round and 'round and 'round

You catch me when I'm 'bout to fall... but you leave me there
What really matters doesn't matter at all... you don't care
It's hard to figure in your life... it's a roundabout
You're makin' it so hard to give in... but you won't let me out

You take the right side... I'm on the wrong side
No matter who's side... we're talkin' suicide

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