The Voyage Lyrics

Crash Test Dummies

Crash Test Dummies - The Voyage Lyrics

It may be that I'd like to
But I won't fall in love with you
We won't spend the rest of our lives together
But anyway couldn't we go on a trip together

We could go to the British Islands
And hike around the Scottish Highlands
The youth hostels they have there
would be perfect for us
Cause we're both youths,
so they would really suit us

Well darling each morning when we woke up
We'd have biscuits and tea from a tea cup
People might think that we were on our honeymoon
But we'd know better, even though we'd slept in the same room

We would live right out of our back packs
We'd send our parents lots of trinkets and knickkacks
Through the post and across the sea
Back to our own country

After that we could go to Yugoslavia
Oh how I'd love to travel with ya'
We don't have to be wife and husband
To take a trip across the ocean

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