The Eucharist Lyrics

Flesh Field

Flesh Field - The Eucharist Lyrics

The Eucharist

I've found a solution for your hunger;
A new religion of disease.
This god won't take no for an answer.
This god prefers you on your knees.

There's an easy path to redemption.
All you have to do is pray.
He doesn't care how much you suffer
As long as you're silent, and obey.

And now you open wide to take communion,
And you bow your head in prayer.
He won't allow you to deviate.
He won't allow you up for air.

Such a bitter pill for you to swallow.
Many walk this path, and you must follow.

This ego that you have been stroking,
This conflict that you've been provoking,
It won't end until you are choking
On your own god.

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