Chapter IV Lyrics

Estatic Fear

Estatic Fear - Chapter IV Lyrics

The leafs and I entangled dance a harmonie
I dare not stain with vain delight
And thus embraced we roam the passing eve like a
Pillgrim who craves a shelters guiding light
I question thee, beloved night to calm my joy
So that I not like the weary leaves be strewed
For I submitt to thy solitary grace (as) even springs
Life is by winters gaze subdued

Lost in a dream I beheld a maiden dance
And when she sat down by a sliver stream
Plunging her feet in the shallow waves
A mist descended, kissed her and fled
And all that's before been just and fair
Shattered in a rain of crystal shards
Each of them a cry, a dream, a tear

Nunquam submergiove aut diffugo
Ira inflammata mea vita ad salutem nominarit
Et solitudo meurn robur

Everlasting be the war that I declare
Extinguished thy bewitched spark despair
Torched the pile upon which you
Are gathered (still) poisoning my weary heart

And as the forked fires tongue licks high I won't
Lament thy fall
But dance around the burning branches urged by furys
And I again shall not be humble slaves but king to thee

Dreams on the barren field did lay strewed
Spread their wings rise up with solemn hope imbued
Ascend the stary stairs into a plain but dear refuge.

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