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Underworld - M.E. Lyrics

(anata no yume ni watashi wo tamoteru)
Can you hold me in your dreams.
(watashi wo kanjiru koto ga dekiruno
Watashi ga anata wo kanjiru youni)
Can you feel me like I feel you.

Goodbye mother earth.

I don't want to kill time. I want it to live.
Im not wasting this life. I'm letting it in.

You just rip off the planet and take what you want.
Im coming to get you if you don't give up.

Beautiful destination. what's it worth.
Beautiful destination. goodbye mother earth.

I am all that surrounds you.
The earth and the sky.
You. you're the mouth and the money
Thats bleeding me dry.

I am not a spirit of the world.
I heal the spirit of the world.
I am not a spirit of the world.
Goodbye mother earth.

(kocchi da)
Its a beautiful destination. for what it's worth.
A beautiful destination. goodbye mother earth.

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