Hermaphrodite Lyrics

Stephen Lynch

Stephen Lynch - Hermaphrodite Lyrics

She's part girl, she's part boy
She's got parts everyone can enjoy
She's got more, she's got less
She's got her man hood tucked in her dress

Is she a mister or is she a miss?
Does she stand up when shes taking a piss?
She's my little girl, yeah, she's my little guy
When I try to please her I get poked in the eye

She wears lace and she wears flannel
She watched football and the Lifetime Channel
What's that buldge under her nightie?
It must be hermaphrodite, yeah, hermaphrodite

Some things are white
Some things black
Some girls wear makeup
Mine shaves her back

She is still beautiful, she is still fine
It's too bad her package is bigger than mine

She can't help her imperfections
She gets jock itch from her yeast infections
Who stole all my tighty whities?
It must be hermaphrodite, yeah

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