Crushing Impure Idolatry Lyrics

Infernal War

Infernal War - Crushing Impure Idolatry Lyrics

Jesus fucking christ, bastard son of the jewish whore
Lord of the weak, blind and sick, i invert your cross

A king promised to the jews, promised to the impure
Denial of man's instinct, epitome of
Yet yahweh's temples burn, it's time to neutralize the venomous poison that's killing the core of our kind

Take a look around, your plastic kingdom's melting
Your pathetic idols die as soon as they are born
Enslaved by vanity's colors, living a worthless life
I sentence you to death crushing idolatry

Fool! you are lost in emptiness as your idols are
Your plastic world shall be burnt to the ground
Idols- they must fall, they must die in unholy war
We'll take their place crushing impure idolatry

Curse you all fools blinded by madmen's words
There comes the time of merciless disillusionment
I build monuments of nobility
Your end is near, the time has finally come

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