The Godfather Theme Lyrics

Guns N' Roses

Guns N' Roses - The Godfather Theme Lyrics

I'm the godfather... of rap

Well let's get this straight, there's no contest
So now you people know don't have to guess
I'm not tha king of rap, not lord, not prince
I was a young kid rapper that I've been rapping ever since
I was just a young bub, I didn't care what mc's did
Before cause I'm the godfather

I caught silly young ladies, two just chilled
They never said no to me - always say that they will do
Whenever I want them to - when I confront them to
Watch where ya're walkin', or just might browl to
I never rule them, I only school them
But if they ever try to fool me
That's when I foo them
I'm tha godfather

Long time to be chillin', just to make money
I rapped on stage, check my voice for your honey
Cause I'm rappin', and I'm not stoppin'
MC baby, who love stand hip-hopin'
so don't tease me, just kiss me
If ya already had a pimp, ya gonna miss me
I'm just a brother so what's upsaid
Cause it's a pretty ladies, I mean top like this
Ya know I'm the godfather

They say that I'm an mc some say that I'm a proud
I changed my style people just didn't know it yet
I had to tell them I might kill them
you mess with me I'm sick your ass then swell them
Woah like on the phone, I'm 'bout to take charge
At the station for the new car in my garage
They want to cruise me, they don't move me
See my bankroll they want to try to use me
But I'm no fool never losin' my cool
But for me to darkness I make the young ladies drool
I'm not braggin' tellin' you what I'm about
Young ladies no babies and marriage bout
But if you insist you can't convince your house are mine
Night or day we'll be fine
So let's get with it, so that I can't hit it
After an hour or two me and you can just quit it

I'm the godfather

There's no need to be smokin' when the fire is out
So take your hand off your hip and let's work out
No leanin' on the wall no standin' around
So are you ready for what ! for the beat in me now
Because people can't see me so people want to be me
Pretty young ladies want L Blue Spoon
The beat so fair so ate 9 o'clock in the morning
If they're playin' they'll call the cops cause I'm the godfather

I'm the godfather

You got rockin' beat no stoppin' beat
Some roars have things pumpin' beat
All the rest of my time Jerry knows my side
I'm so dip that's why I keep all girls in your mind
I'm not dedicate this at the top of this
Say cool you bring, don't break the rules if you wanna get this
Respect me brother rapper recorded on the show
Ya could stare, cause I don't care it's just long you know

I'm the godfather

Now you be jumpin' your heart will be thumpin
Intendin' rappin', swearin' hip hopin'
Off your face, all know the place
Easely scatty standin' in pace
Don't stand around, your face road in my clan
This is the season no prisonner can't get down
So get all the world, let's up these words
Boogie down to the beat just give it to y'all
No need to get hot money dispenser
You can't have a good time cause it's so danger

I'm the godfather...of rap

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