Wanted Dead Or Alive (Gangsta Party) Lyrics

2Pac & Snoop Dogg

2Pac & Snoop Dogg - Wanted Dead Or Alive (Gangsta Party) Lyrics

"Nuthin' but a gangsta paaaartyyyyy"
"Nuthin' but a gangsta paaaartyyyyy"

Got me up against the fence, back against the wall
Get to actin' like a fool if ain't no justice for the Dogg
Have to take it out on all y'all
Better read the papers all my homies goin' crazy
Baby only God can save us
Got my... mind on currency, hurried, see I ain't worried
It's a gangsta party, so Bad Boy gettin' buried
Snoop Dogg why they fantasize? (Fantasize...)
When we ride it's a must adverseries die, everytime...

Yes, yes y'all...
Not $hort but Snoop Dogg...
And you know it's like that y'all...

I'm so smoothe about my paper, check it this how it's done!
I'm servin' many on the platter Snoop Dogg Colione (Colione, Colione)
Now do you know what that mean?
The Teflon Don to this hip-hop game super supreme
It's like what happened can happen
But will it? Stop that won't happen!
I'm feelin' good about the mission for jackin'
Now yo 'Pac... (Can you feel me?)
Why these fools... (Tryin' to kill me?)
It's so hard to stay focused on me eyes prize
But if I don't, then Dogg won't survive (Survive)

We ballin' in my opinion, eternal it's wild-wheel spinnin'
Once implemented it's represented for 5 minutes
Two of the livest, wanted dead or alive, we riders
Ban us because we inquired and watch the G's Rides
Two of America's Most, straight out the West Coast... (West Coast!)
Bow down fool, this is Death Row... (For life!)
Been waitin' way too long, fresh out the pen
Now it's on, c'mon Snoop Dogg, time to bone...

Ain't nothin' changed to down a hanger slang or bang words to rhyme
Me and the homey 'Pac trippin' Death Row all nights
Strong survivor, Eastside, DPG
Still creep and crawl through the hood, always involved in the streets
It's Doggy Dogg homey, did you forget who I was?
The bigger homey to you there it is and there it was
Take a look through the eyes of a G...
And just rock to the rhytm of a gangsta beat...

All my homies tellin' me: "Ain't no love for a real G"
Straight cowards all you playahatas kill me
Throw up your hands if you feel me!
We gettin' dollars homey, holla if you hear me!
This one time for my comrades doin' bad locked down
Fresh out busta time to bounce drop down!
Can you visualize perfection?
'Cause every rider in my set labeled a vet, best in his profession
Don't hold your breath, sleep with Smith & Wesson
Steady study your lessons and keep the crowd guessin'...

(Wanted dead or alive...) Straight gangsta, y'know
(Wanted dead or alive...) Money to be made, situations get deeper
(Wanted dead or alive...) Niggas always tryin' to creep
(Wanted dead or alive...) But I know what time it is
(Wanted dead or alive...)
Gangstas, yeah yeah yeah
(Wanted dead or alive...) Yeah, gangstas
Play or stay
(Wanted dead or alive...) Yeah, play or stay
(Wanted dead or alive...) Y'know? Stay a gangsta
(Wanted dead or alive...) All my doggs...
All my niggas on lockdown, Big Dogg
It's for you nigga
We gonna ride this motherfucker til the wheels fall off
Yeah yeah
Play or stay
Yeah, play or stay
Yeah yeah, play or stay
Yeah yeah, Death Row!
Yeah yeah, my nigga 2Pac rest in peace
Dogg Pound
Dippin real hard y'knowhatI'msayin?
Yeah yeah, stay down
Gangstas gangstas
Foe life, Eastside!
Westside of the coast
Yeah, Eastside!
Mmmm, for all my soldiers
Where ya at?
Y'know? Yeah
Stay down
For real
Y'know? What it look like?
Mmm, what it feel like?
It ain't easy, y'know?
Death Row

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