Texas Lullaby Lyrics

David Allan Coe

David Allan Coe - Texas Lullaby Lyrics

by: david allan coe and ann mcgowan

see those tumbleweeds a-blowing'
lord, it makes me want to cry
it reminds me of my daddy
and that texas lullaby

see those cactus flowers blooming'
like the twinkle in his eye
every time he started singing' that ole texas lullaby

yippee yi little doggie roll along roll along
yippee yi little doggie take me home, take me home
it's so cold on the desert, i'm chilled to the bone
yippee yi little doggie, yippee yi

look yonder there's a dust cloud painting pictures in the sky
daddy told me all about it, in that texas lullaby
them ole longhorns are a ballwin', lord i know i must be high
wish my dad could hear me singing' this old texas lullaby

daddy left me this old guitar, though i never quite knew why
he said someday i'd be famous like that texas lullaby
but it's been a month of sundays since i seen that edge fly
and nobody wants to listen to a texas lullaby

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