Knock Ya Wig Lyrics

Krizz Kaliko

Krizz Kaliko - Knock Ya Wig Lyrics

Yeah I'm proud to be apart of this number hahaha
Hey yo Kali Kill 'em!
Hey daddy start playin one for Krizz
You know they can't hold you!
Now Aiy-yai-yai Knock Ya Wig
Kali Baby! Krizz Kaliko drop that big
Tecca Ninna protoge and side kick
That's why your girly wanna do me and she sut min pik
Nigga's is irrelevant
Industry I'm an elephant!
And I don't swat flies
At guys for the hell of it
Mad cause of the mil' I get
And If I mention your name maybe your celibate

Still babbling badder than half of you rappers
Mah' nigga that's why we be travelin'
We batter a thousand of them
We cracker a crackas and eat em with chowder
That just happened but we've been crackin' heat slapping
We fact that you slacking
Around the world and back in
Your neighborhood you trapped in
Tech names and take in package?
We need a chin strap in
Don't make me tell you again cause if I do
I might just smack the hair off your chin and I
Knock Ya Wig!
Ay-Ay-Ay-yai-yai Knock Ya Wig! (x7)
Now look-ee look-ee look-ee hear
Look here shorty got back
She skinny but fatt
As for a biker and get my pant off
And she runnin back a real one
I eat her lunch off
And save us a snack
See I'm 'bout that life
And my shows have been about yo wife
And she's about that knife
She ain't a groupie
Yeah I doubt that! Right?
How bout I loose up your pooper shooter
Lay 'em down and she mount that fight
Put up her bootie smoothie
I'm beggin so I can be choosy
Smoke L's
why'll you do me
She inhale right through me
I don't know you well
You might kiss and tell
The whole movie pop the top off your lip
Knockin the wig off of a groupie
All you internet rappers at one time
I can kill you with one line
Disrespectin is effortless you
Fuck with me fuckin with the best
Difference is you don't get no publishing checks
He'd better n' check his vitals
To be everyone's idols
Just got a deal with harley davidson cycles
Your youtube views is not that big!
Kali baby knock that wig!

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