Weird-Out Lyrics


Dandelion - Weird-Out Lyrics

I fill the pothole in my life
Sounds strange I know, but I feel better
I fill the last bowl of the night
It's not much I know, but it's a start
I'll be the ashtray if you like
I'll come undone, won't even try
I'll do whatever turns you on
Freak out, how cool is watching on

Weird me out

Despising everyone, you know you're not having fun
It's just not cool, you know, you know

I'll be the asshole, for awhile
It's hard I know, but I don't mind
You can be the asshole later on
It's cool, I know that you'll be fine

Weird me out

Surprising everyone
You've never had so much fun
It's just too cool you know, you know

It's just too cool
Weirds me out

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