Apparitions Lyrics


Seabird - Apparitions Lyrics

The ghosts in my room wanted to scare me so badly
The notion to move your head doesn't work when you're stuck to the bed
No, doesn't work when you're stuck to the bed

And they all knew that I bought this house
I paid with my own blood and sweat
And who's gonna drive me out?
Those apparitions in the corner, I'll bet
Those apparitions in the corner, I'll bet

So, bring it on. And, bring it on

So, bring it on. BRING IT ON

And don't you think you can bring those kids in this house
Don't walk away from me, don't put words in my mouth
If you use that kind of language in here, out you go
If you smoke that cigarette in here, out you go

Well, you thought you could get away with it this time around
Thought you could walk in at 4 A.M. without making a sound
Well, we don't really care what they think about our stupid songs
We just hope by the end that you'll all be singing along

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