Walk Away (Live) (Screamin' Live) Lyrics

Pretty Maids

Pretty Maids - Walk Away (Live) (Screamin' Live) Lyrics

Here we are standing at a crossroads baby
Can't seem to make a move
Don't know which way to choose
We used to fly into the heavens
On the wings of an angel
An everlasting fire
An eternal cruise
Those were the good times

Stolen moments underneath a full moon rising
We both laid down with love
And woke up with lies
Gonna give it one more try

Here we are picking up the pieces
Trying to get this puzzle together
We need a cure for this disease
A heeling hand

Though our love has come to a dead end street
And we're stuck where happiness
And heartache meet

You see we can't give it up
It's not too late
You need a little love
Don't hesitate
I swear I'll give it all I've got
To make you stay
So don't you walk away

Once a time and place
There was a bond between us
Something sacred something innocent
We need a star that doesn't fade
And wherever it might lead us
We gotta follow in our hearts direction
I got a feeling girl
We're gonna crash into love

How can you back down baby
When love is all around
And it's here to stay
I'll be determined to defend
A tower of strength

Though the best laid plans
Sometimes go astray
There's a guarantee that love will find a way

A heart needs love
Like the desert needs the rain
And I need you girl
Each and every day
We'll do the things babe
That other fantasies
Women we just need a little confidence
In each other

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