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Allure - Introduction Lyrics

Where the flavor gods are always watching
(I don't think they're ready)
Drama, yeah prepare yourself for a new millennium in sound
I mean a place where only Allure can get down
(Hooo Whoo Yeah)
Hmph can you feel me?
I mean these sisters sing like canaries
And look tasty like French Pastry
If you know what I mean, daddy
One time, yeah
You see there are four elements to Allure
That's Linnie, Lalisha, Akissa, and Alia
(Ahoo, give it to me baby)
And if you don't dig this mess
You got the wrong damn address
Can ya feel me

Get it right, cogniac for inner sight
F*** the chaser I lust for paper
React when s*** is tight
Seeking chronic Q.B. my fleet speak ebonics
Contemplate blowing slugs or leaving beef behind us
Optimism watch box out for opposition
5% discipline, play the cut
My rocks glisten
What's become of me
Pursue my dremas somewhat stubbornly
Runnin' from chick to chick
Trickin' mega currency, born to be rich
Somewhat distinguished to them younger cats
To satisfy they hunger, inhaling hundred sacks
But whose rules consume the savage beast
The masterpiece
(It's Nature y'all, once again Nature)

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