Alibi Lyrics

Johnny Hollow

Johnny Hollow - Alibi Lyrics

She hangs in the shadows of my dreams
And whispers, "You're colourless, almost invisible,
Like a pale, sad shadow!"
And I'm chagrined to realize that I believed her.
I wish I could find a way to decieve her.
She reproaches and condemns me
For the things that have eluded me
And the things I've let delude me
And she sneers and she spits until I have to admit...
I didn't even try.

But baby, you don't talk to me that way,
Please don't listen to a word she makes me say.
When she starts her dirty foreplay its a dangerous maneuver
'Cause you know...
She's a liar and you're my alibi.

When you come to me and you strap me down
And your eyes are profound with desire, sets my skin on fire
You grab hold of me and your heat explodes in me
'Til I'm crying: "No! No! She's a liar!"


When your fingers and your tongue wrap around me,
Colours surround me and blaze right through me.
"You can't be what you want to be, you'll never be free!"She screams at me.
She's a liar, and you're my alibi.


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