Devil's Playground Lyrics

The Briggs

The Briggs - Devil's Playground Lyrics

Well I carry the torch to see what fortune it brings
I've journeyed through the gates of hell with the anthems we sing
It's not a game, it's a fight, a fight to the death
but I'm not gonna give up until my final breath

The world seemed to slow down when I came to a halt
till the arms of execution grabbed me by the throat
when you hit rock bottom, you dredge and despair
you got nothing to lose so why should you care?

What you give is what you get at the devil's playground
What you got? Will you make a sound?
Gotta get out before we drown
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

My mouth was overwhelmed by the taste of defeat
till my dignity got me back upon my feet
it's an old folk's tale, a tale to be told
if it becomes a reality it'll always be old

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