Armworth (Live) Lyrics

Captain Beyond

Captain Beyond - Armworth (Live) Lyrics

What was my arm worth
When they took it away
And the spirit had rush upset
All of 'em promised to stay

Where did they put it, Bella
Where and which way
Did it start the man charged at me
And I'm in vain

Or is it with my brother
Is it with my brother
And I mean in this grave

Tell me...
Tell me...
Where do I go to find it.

What is my arm's way
In a balance of things
Are there still birds a-flying
In a brushing of wings

Or could it still be disguised
As a terrible thing
And spoiling all them singing, babe
And smashing up their wings

Wish I could go with them brother
Brother of all things
It's only a stub of the original thing
It was there when I signed
When I saluted my king

Tell me...
Tell me...
Where do I go to find it.

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