3088 Lyrics


Bones - 3088 Lyrics

Jet pack on my back
Laser beam on my waist
All chrome everything like its 3088
Fresh fruit up on my plate Vintage shades on my eyes Motherfuck your whole life Motherfuck your 9 to 5
Flying cars in the skies
Robots in the kitchen
Space cubes in my drink Hologram chain glistens
French doors on my rooms Penthouse on the moon
Blowing smoke in my zone Stardust on my shoes
Asteroids in my ring, meteorites up in my chain
I'ma fucking universe when my shit go bling
White tee Looking like a franchise boy
But its SESH till I rest
Bringin that fuckin white noise On the big dipper sippin mixing honey with my team
Wake up in a nebula fall asleep in a galaxy
Who's ever after me promise they won't compare to me Money, drugs, diamonds; all that shit just ain't a thing to me Lasers, beams, hologram rings 3088 when I'm stepping on the scene
Lasers, beams, hologram rings It's 3088 Bones stepping up on the scene

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Bones - 3088