Till You Come To Me Lyrics

Spencer Day

Spencer Day - Till You Come To Me Lyrics

A sleepless night in the city
No peace and quiet in the city
It's hotter than the water from a boiler in
The basement of Hell
In this low rent, walk-up, broken-down hotel

Counting the cracks on the ceiling
Flat on my back, and I'm feeling
Lower than the roaches in the tunnels of the one and the nine
And the clock says that I'm half past losing my mind

Through the tick tock tick, I can hear the faucet drip
When the neighbors brawl, I can hear 'em through the wall
But I'm waiting, I keep waiting

'Cause I want you
I want you back again,
I can remember when you and I were one

And I want to
I wanna change your mind
So I'm gonna bide my time, bearing my misery
Till you come to me

High noon, same room
This is when it gets so suffocating the air sits
Heavy, like the weight of my regret for ever
Letting you go
And it don't matter whether the windows are opened or closed

There's a beep, beep beat from the traffic in the street
And a bang, bang, bang, like a hammer in my brain
As I'm fading, going crazy

(Chorus x2)

Hey, hey, hey

Just you wait and see
You'll come back to me (x4)

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