Holy War Lyrics


Whitecross - Holy War Lyrics

Listen, sound a warning, hear the angel of the Lord
Jesus comes, bringing justice, not peace but a holy sword
Tremble every demon power and principality
The day comes when you'll confess Him
With all creation on their knees


Come on, Gabe, stop trippin'
My god is gaining while yours is steady slippin'
Look around, the church is dying
Step off punk, there aikn't no point in trying
To make your case, I'm in your face
With the news that your crew's 'bout to be disgraced
We're bold, cold, 'bout to put you on hold
Like a twenty dollar suit we're gonna watch you fold

Holy war, holy war
He is Lord, Jesus is Lord, Jesus is Lord

Listen, heed the warning
Thru the heavens and thru the earth
He return to clain His people
Made alive in the second birth
Rise up, holy nation, you are victors in Jesus's name
Take a stand and raise a standard
With the word that we proclaim

Hold on, homes, get a grip
I'm droppin' science on the Revelation tip
It's a fairy tale, a bedtime story
There won't be no Armegeddon cuz we're gonna steal the glory
From your so-called King and the posse He brings
Won't be no thing but a chicken wing
We're living large, and takin' charge
Gonna park you like a car in your momma's garage

Holy war, holy war
He is Lord, Jesus is Lord, Jesus is Lord

Let the trumpets sound throughout the universe
We proclaim the glory of the Lord
Jesus Christ has gained for us the victory
He's already won the Holy War

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