Patient Zero (Live) Lyrics


Hammerfall - Patient Zero (Live) Lyrics

I breathe alone, my skin begins to peel
Forsaken in my misery to battle this ordeal

I can't resist the cravings, no I have to ease the pain
My screaming brain is melting slowly, turning me insane

Devastation all across the nation
Infected, but I am not alone
My days are numbered but I am patient
From zero the counting has begun

I resist resistance, I survive the hangman's noose
Future looks sinister, I'm a zombie on the loose

Cuz I feed in darkness, I feast in broad daylight
Whatever you do, better hold on tight and stay out of my sight

Evacuation all across the nation
Infected, but I am not alone
Our days are numbered and we are patient
To zero the countdown has begun

We exist but our hearts don't beat
The streets, our sacred haven
Fight or flee don't waste another round

We exist, but our eyes run red
The dead will feast upon you
Aiming high, don't chocke or you'll be downed

Retribution a suicide solution
Infected but you are not alone
Our lives are numbered and we are all patient
To zero the countdown has begun

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