Grey Hairs Lyrics


Reks - Grey Hairs Lyrics

I wanted to rock them three stripes, Timbs, and Nikes
Momma told me when I'm older I'll experience life
But now it's all grey hairs
Thought I was old enough then to know wrong from right
Momma told me when I'm older that I might see the light
But now it's all grey hairs
I pop bottles and read the good book
Cuz soon they'll be hollering
We made travels like Gulliver
Used to be kings like Solomon
Then became slaves like Tubman and then
Government wanna us see us running like Harriet
To avoid the establishment
Of prison cell blocks
Little shorties come out of the womb, ready to sell rocks
Rock charms, Jesus Christ pendant covered in ice
I guess my only advice
Is watch jewels, gems, come with a price
It's such an identity crisis
How we can cop new bank gear
Not care what the price is
Jesus hang from a cross and now he hang from your neck
Still no respect, dont' know who Christ is
We are living in times of the most critical kind
Grey hairs got visible lines
Can you sense it that hopes is missing
That the focus isn't there any longer children
Being raised by a new age
They listen to the beat and nod
Disregard thoughts written
They walking dead around us pimping
And our mission is no longer to reach within 'em
Our mission should be now to decrease the tension
But instead we just give in to nature
Label hate us cuz we don't let the radios make us different
Getting grey hairs from all of that anger building
I'd be lying if I said I ain't aging and sensing
A bit of change in my ageless wisdom
What are we to do now
For the patient victims
Who just wish music would return to its senses
That we at some point would respect our mission
And give back to rap, the greatest invention
Hip-hop influences raised me
Say, for instance, Jay-Z said the streets is watching
So I kept on driving, head bobbing crazy
Though the couple in the next car upset
They couldn't make me
Turn the volume down, my volume up
And I'm a ride 'round town
Blast that volume, WHAT?!
But these days, these kids really don't give fuck
Listening to Dip Set, now they sticking you up
Take every rhyme literal, YEP!
They more criminal, PLUS
It's more reality to kill for a buck
When it's a part of the beautiful music I love
They iPods full of G-Unit, the best thugs
Next club, everybody in the cipher rhyming
Out to get rich and die trying
Dark clouds keep us out of the grey
The sun rising, looking better today

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