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Seahaven - Pv Lyrics

"Goodnight son." was all he said, it was routine and simple.
I played it out inside my head until I was ghastly feeble.
Mourning came with the morning rain, hit the rooftop with the stern disdain.
Brought so much pain, no sun shiny day, dawn did not bring her beginning.
Eternal black fits a tragedy.
Too dark for adjusted eyes to see.

All they had to do was speak my name, to calm the lion, make him tame.
Were you as wild as they say. It's what they say.
But I don't really know what to believe, because if I really was so crippling,
Did you have the hear t to complete the cliche?

Did you follow me into the evergreen? Was it you sounding from the trees?
Or was it just a the breeze manipulating leaves, solidifying wishful thinking?
But I know you were there when I was deathly scared of how close I really got to leaping.
You put your hand on me, said "Life is just a dream,
And if you love me, you will sleep.
I know I've hurt you so baldly.
But I only ask you for one thing."

Their love makes up for a lot that has been lost.
So I guess it's not as aphotic as I thought.
I've meet you in Costa Rica.
Open my eyes, Pura Vida.

Did you have the hear to complete the cliche?
They say you did but everybody makes mistakes.
I understand but this one's slowly killing me.
But it can't help to consume myself directing blame.
So I am taking what's been done, washing it clean.
Excusing my entire life on a bad dream.

I've never been one to forgive,
Therefore I'm not one to forget.
But this leaves me indifferent.
Because I've leaved a lot about mistake,
And reason behind decisions made.
And waiting until too late, wasting time in vain.

This hour was for you.
Now it's over and through.
There is nothing left,
But the universe around my neck.

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