Pennies Lyrics

Lady Sovereign

Lady Sovereign - Pennies Lyrics

Speak my mind i don't like dem liars
Find your ride and i'll pop your tires
Cross the line and you're fucking fired

Yeah it's burning i got da fire
See da money i'm effing i'm making
Hope this goes straight into my savings
Where it's fucked yeah it's sovereign yeah
Yeah i'm still in da game still changing

Make you a money man (x3)
How many pennies have you gotten from me? (x7)

Oi i can hear your bling when you're thinking
Ring-a-ding i left my phone ringing
All day long
Please don't mind me singing
Oh! but how much i hate your windging
Just because i'm a likle younger

Dont mind me duff don't make you smarter

All day long i break down with laughter
When you lose your ten brake

You're an arsehole
Make you a money man
How many pennies have you gotten from me?

Yeah there might be a bit of recesion going on right now
I ain't going down like you suckers
Trust me
When you rip me off i'll rip your head off
Yeah it's lady sovereign

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