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The Foreign Exchange

The Foreign Exchange - Von Sees Lyrics

VCS... Phonte
Nicolay, 'kay?
One time, Brooklyn
N.C., Netherlands...
world tour, want some?
It's cool

Uh. the beatmaker is here
Known to warm it up as the fable is near
No bunnies or eggs, never one to charade
When I return, the whole city blow a parade
Like (AHHHHHHHHH...) Mr. Pea's back
Nicky runs on the backdrop
But if Tay hit the switttch, he could make that ass DROP
"Today Was a Good One", BK's anti-hoodlum
Von Pea, the veggie you can't eat, you a shrimp scampi
Rap's Camby, crashed awards for mad applause
Ace any master course without a syllabus
Watermark my heart, you can't get as real as this
Ten years from now, when Von Pea's still in this
Nicolay and LB, that's ridic-

I see A-Team, I see Phonte
I see Big Pooh, I see 9th
I see Nicolay, I see Comanche

I see Chaundon, I see Floe
I see Median, I see L.E.G.A.C.Y.
I see 3D, I see you
Y'all good to go...

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