Unto Caesar Lyrics

Dirty Projectors

Dirty Projectors - Unto Caesar Lyrics

Accident or intention?
It’s already history
Random or intelligent?

The mud marching to victory
Innocent or innocent enough to say
I did what i did, I did what I did
Only win, done, unto to Caesar

Scolding on illegible
You kept yourself hidden well
Strolling and inflexible
The world asked you for nothing else
So I’m forward like no imaginable breeze
Moral as a leaf to fall in to the seas

Land down unto Caesar
When the gray-scale conjurer bad bet
Where the life like perjurers ride it
Where the vestite spectators watch it
Where the weapons gentlers gun it
Where the twilight mandolin play it
Where the high custodian my bet
Where the panic violin, panic
Where the crabby handmade, scrub it

Dandelion, down the mercenary barberry
Dandelion did the morals morbid ṗoetry
Down the rampart, the vandals give into defeat
And down the landscape, the lamb and pastor far away

Land down unto Caesar
Land down unto Caesar

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