Mr. Chin (Live) Lyrics


Yellowman - Mr. Chin (Live) Lyrics

Eh Mr. Chin!
Everyday you a gimme pepsi, pepsi.
Wha' happen to the Red Stripe beer and Lion Stout?
Eh? Eh? Eh? Eh?

Mr. Chin, boy you fi sell the right thing.

Every morning you get up go a supermarket
all I see is flour and biscuit
me can get no flour ina brown paper bag
say all I see is the plastic bag.

Say all you got to do you got to do you own a thing.
Say wha' happen to the soft drink and Heineken.

Never knew Mr. Chin could a sing
they never knew Mr. Chin could a sing.
Un lang shang lang un lang pai
un lang shang lang pai!
Un lang shang lang a piki pai pai
a piki piki pai pai po!

Him have one daughter she named Ting Ling. Hey!
That the girl live a Constants Spring.
Me make love to her yes she starts sing.
Un lang shang lang un lang pai.
Yellowman darling why!
You be the husband me be the wife.
I'll love you until the day I die!

Daughter Sandra Lee, Sandra Lee.
Me make love to her she a gwarn like Chine'.
An fung chin fung Yellowman kiss me!
Aha! Slang lang dinli dinli ehe! Go-Weh!
Aha! Slang lang dinli don dinli ehe! Murderer!

You don't hide the goods under the counter
else I went call the price inspector
them carry you go a court you pay thousand dollar.

Jah no see me fat
Jah know me no slim.
But all you got to do you gone to do you own a thing.
But tell you Yellowman a keep you rocking and swing.

You like it?

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